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  1. My outlets on one side of camper are not working . I hit the reset button on outlet over sink in bathroom. Also changed fuses and hit breakers . Also changed out gfci outlet and still no power to the outlets. What am I missing?


    • Paula – Your GFCI outlet (the one that had the reset button) is the typical culprit for losing power to some of your AC outlets, while others work OK. SO …. If you replaced the old GFCI outlet properly, and reset your AC breakers, then you DO NOT have a typical power problem. There is one long shot though. If your camper has a 50-Amp service then you will have two AC input lines into your camper from the campground. If this is the case, its not uncommon for campground power boxes to lose one half of their power. Try resetting the power box breaker. Or, if you have one, use a multimeter and check that you have two connectors at the power box that have have 120-VAC on them.
      Good Luck, DON


    • Thanks Don but I only have a 30 amp line to the camper. The fuse is a 15 amp and I put a 20 amp gfci. Could that be the problem. I only have one ac unit. This is the first time living permanent in a camper so all this is new to me.


    • Paula – SO, in summary;
      1- IF your NEW GFCI is not kicking out on you.
      2- IF all of your AC power breakers are NOT kicked OFF
      3- IF your Fridge works OK in AC mode, and your microwave and TV’s are working?
      Then, I can only assume that you have an AC power wiring problem.
      I would confirm with a multimeter that your 30-Amp AC service box is good.
      I would plug in the camper power cord and confirm that I have power at the connections of the camper end of the cord.
      I would plug the cord back in and call an electrician to check my campers internal wiring because you will have checked all of the “most likely” problems with campers who lose power to some of their receptacles.
      I personally still suspect your GFCI circuitry.
      It is highly unlikely that you have a internal wiring problem in a camper that has been used in the past.


  2. Propane stove will lite but won’t stay lit. Same for pilot in oven.
    Propane tanks are fine.
    Fridge will run on gas fine.
    Atwood stove/oven not so much.

    I had to change the gas line b4 this trip so I thought I just need to purge the propane system. Been 2 hours of no luck on oven/stove.

    Thanks for sharing your advise


    • OK, normally, with a propane problem I would suspect the regulator on my tanks, but you say the fridge runs fine on propane. I wonder, do you have a shut-off valve in the cabin for the stove? it could be only partially open???? Otherwise, if you are not smelling any propane leaking into the cabin, and if the burner can be adjusted for a full flame when it does work (does it”) then the most probable cause is a partially blocked (mashed, crushed, bent with a kink in it, etc. ) propane line into the stove/oven.
      Nut remember, if you have an intermittent regulator on your tank, the fridge can go off and start back up when your propane to the camper goes off and then comes back on. while, on the other hand, your oven pilot and burners will just stay off. But, of course, if this is the case, you will smell propane when it goes off.
      Keep me posted on what you find.


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