Here are links to some of my other Sites and Blogs on the web.

Sunset Clouds

I have a HOME SITE that I have developed to provide a site for SHARING my Works. Look at it as a “one-store-shopping” experience for readers, if you are interested in enjoying my Categories of Writings, including, Short Stories, Poetry, Commentary, Helpful Information and the occasional Recipe.

Please feel free to Click on my site and browse through the hundreds of things I have written.

Don Bobbitt’s HOME SITE



I have been writing most of my works on the popular site designed for Serious Writers to exhibit their works with their peers and to enjoy each others writings.

It is called HubPages, so click on the link below for access to my HubPage site and browse through my works there.

Don HubPages Domain


I have a Blog where I list a variety of articles, some by myself and some by others. This blog is full of articles about how; first of all, how dangerous many food additives are for your health, and second, how to take control of your foods and live better.

It also includes a number of articles on how to “Go Retro” or in other words, how to go back to the ways things like medicine and urban farming can be don the old-fashioned way.








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