Selling Your RV? Look Out for Scam Artists!



I have owned several RV’s over the years and when the deal was right, I would trade my old Rig in with a dealer.




In the past, I have traded my Rig with a dealer when the deal was right. But, several times, for one reason or another, I would sell my Rig directly using the tools available on the web.

This is not an easy process, but there are companies out there that provide tools that you can use to get your Rig listed with a large audience of potential buyers. Some of these companies are costly but there are a lot of them that are reasonably priced.



Last Year, I had my Motorhome listed with a couple of these companies and the occasional email would come in with either offers, or as happens all too often, they are from people who want to talk about buying. But that is just one of the things that you have to put up with when selling your own Rig.

I had an existing loan on my Motorhome, so if I sold my Rig, the process was going to be more complicated to close, but I was ready.

Then, one day, I got an email from an interested party that seemed ready to buy. Sad to say, as we went through the process, I became suspicious of this person and it turned out that my suspicions were well founded.

I had a Scam Artist after me!

Click on the Link below to read my HubPages article on this relatively new Scam that people are pulling on un-suspecting RV owners who are trying to sell their RV’s.

Orange WaveLook out for RV Scam Artists.

Orange Wave









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