DON’s WORLD – Seniors Going Mobile in an RV – Part-1.

After out 18-month hiatus from traveling/camping, my wife and I have decided to get back out on the road in our old RV. The process and decisions facing us, especially at our age, is a complicated one and this article, that we have labeled as PART-1 will be the first in a series to describe […]

DON’s RV TIPS – RV Powered Entrance Steps Tips.

As and owner of a motorhome or travel trailer, you will need to understand just how the Entrance Steps operate. And, when they fail to operate properly you need to you will need to figure out just what the problem is likely to be. Below is a link to my article that explains RV Entrance […]

DON’s RV TIPS – Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance.

Those Air Conditioners on the roof of your RV will live longer and operate more efficiently if you regularly perform certain Preventive Maintenance tasks. Most of the tasks are relatively simple to perform so the typical Rv owner should be able to handle these. Click on the link below to open the article that covers […]

DON’s RV TIPS – Work Camping, Skills are Required.

Many RV owners who travel most or all of the time eventually need to make a little extra money to offset their traveling and living expenses. The great thing about this is that most campgrounds will temporarily hire people, during their peak season, who have certain skills to supplement their permanent staff. Click on the […]


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We’re DON and Helen BOBBITT! I guess what makes us special to our fellow RV Owners and Travelers is our over 40 years of camping experience. We started out with Tents and over the years, as we added our Kids to the formula, we went through several RVs from small Travel Trailers on up to a big Class-A Motorhome.

Over those years, we have not only been to many great campgrounds, but we have also had numerous experiences learning about RV problems and fixing them. We now enjoy helping our fellow RV Owners when they have RV problems of their own.

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