About US

Living the Good Life while on the Road

The purpose of this SITE is to provide valuable information for owners of RV’s who need help. Many typical Electrical and Mechanical problems, as well as handy numerous Repair and Maintenance tips are covered here.

Decades ago, our first Camper was an old 16-foot teardrop shaped one. It had a jackknife sofa bed for my wife and I and a dinette/bed for our two kids at night.

Over the years, we have owned eight other campers, from tag-alongs to Motorhomes. Each one has provided us with “learning opportunities” as we kept them in good shape.

A lifetime of experience traveling and camping has taught us a lot about Rv’s. Some of the lessons were easily learned while some were financially painful, at the time. Considering our experience, I have listed many valuable facts, reference data, procedures, product recommendations, and just plain logical tips for our readers.

We hope you Follow this site, and we think you will definitely find the experience valuable, and hopefully make your own Camping experience a better one.

Thanks, DON & HELEN

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