DON’s World – Seniors Going Mobile, Again! – Part-1

DON’s World? If you haven’t been following my popular Blog where my Wife and I have been writing articles on the joys and tribulations of living and traveling in RVs, You could learn a lot by reading through our articles you will see here. We try to provide valuable information for RV owners on maintaining their RV to keep it as functional and safe as possible.

Our Blog called RV and CAMPER and why we write for other RV owners

In case you’re new to us and our site, we have been using a writer’s site on the web for over a decade where our articles are reviewed and if they pass the sites requirements, they provide access to the article to the GREAT GOOGLE who in turn places their customer’s ads into my articles. Then, if someone just clicks on my article, or even better if they read it, I get paid a few pennies. This process isn’t making us rich, but it does pay for one or two dinners out for my wife and I.

So, We are now putting our header onto these short articles on our Blog, and then you will see a link to the actual article we wrote, so that, if you’re interested, you can simply click on the link and read the main article.

Our articles that are in this series will have “DON’s WORLD” in the header here as well as a Date code such as “201031” for the date written, but these will not be shown in the full article you will read.

This will take a little explaining, I guess, but to put it into one sentence, my wife and I are going mobile, AGAIN!

Everyone who knows Helen and me also knows that we have been longtime travelers in a number of different recreational vehicles. We are Seniors, and we had to stop traveling in our Rv a couple of years ago, but now, we have the ITCH again. Sure, we’re older and nowhere as healthy as we once were, but If you click on the link shown below, you will open our full article where we explain our decision process and our expectations.

Click Here to read our full article “Part-1” in this series.

‘Nuff Said!

by DON BOBBITT, All Rights Reserved

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