CoVid-19 and Using Your RV

At this moment, this vicious virus has forced our government and the governments of nations around the world to implement some strong measures in their efforts to save lives.

And, there is no doubt in my mind that these measures are necessary and that we should all follow the directives that we are given.

Your RV is a pretty good Containment Area

I know we are all told to stay inside to prevent the unnecessary spread of this disease, and again, we definitely should do as we are told.

But, if you own an RV, especially a motorhome, fifth-wheel trailer or a standard hard body camping trailer, you probably already know that it is as nearly a self-contained living space as you will find. It has its own bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen areas. It also has well designed food storage areas, refrigerators and cooking areas.

They operate on a campground’s external campsite power system, and they usually have TV’s, satellite receivers and WIFI for accessing entertainment systems remotely.

And, they are mobile; You can hit the road and stay on one of tens of thousands of campsites in numerous campgrounds around the country.

When to Make a Reservation

Don’t go camping now, of course. Even with all of the business’ that are shut down around the country there are numerous campgrounds that are still open. Even with this virus still being so active, you can still call and make a reservation at the campgrounds that are open.

But, again, if you travel to a campground that is open right now, it will also have shut down all of its entertainment facilities and when you get there you would basically be living under the same restrictions, but you will be living in your RV.

An option for many campers right now is that they look out on the horizon in the future and even though they may be guessing, they can often get some pretty good deals on campsite reservations.

The pessimist may say, NO, we don’t know when this CoVid-19 thing will be over? But, the Optimist might say; Why Not, I can reserve a good campsite and when this CoVid-19 thing is over and all of the other cooped up campers jump on the phones hoping for a reservation, I’ll already have mine reserved?

The trick for those of you that do make a reservation for some date in the future, you should make sure you can get your down payment back in case you need to cancel again.

Right now most campgrounds have had so many cancellations and their monthly budgets are so dismal that you, the potential Renter has a lot of leverage to get the site you want, at the price you want, and possibly get a very reasonable cancellation policy offered to them as well.

by Don Bobbitt, All Rights Reserved



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