Far too many RV owners do not understand how the electrical systems in their Rv work, or what to do when there is a problem.

Because of this, I have written a handbook on RV ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS that is clear and easy to understand.

RV Electrical Systems

Before you move on thinking I may be just another guy trying to make a buck by putting together a book that really doesn’t help you at all.

Well first of all, I am a retired Electrical Engineer. Secondly, I and my wife have been campers for several decades and over those years we have owned;

  • Tents ( There were too many to count that used mostly when we were a young couple with no money)
  • Travel Trailers ( We owned three of these, starting with a 1956 – 15-foot Shasta teardrop camper, we had these when our kids came along and we changed a lot of diapers in that first one)
  • Fivers (We owned one 35-foot Mobile Suite that we kept set up year-round as our getaway.
  • We  used it in the Summer and the Winter, so we learned how to function in a camper in freezing temperatures)
  • Motorhomes ( We have owned six Class-A motorhomes (both gas and diesel) (so far?) and we still have a 36-foot Bounder that we camp in today)

I mention these campers we have owned in our past, because if you camp often enough you will eventually have certain problems with your RV and most of the time your problem will be with one of the electrical systems in your RV.

My book  will take the reader through a little of the history of the evolution of RVs and how, over the past century (actually longer) the electrical systems in almost all RVs came to be.

You WILL NOT find precise schematics of how your or any other RV is wired. Rather, you will find clear explanations and diagrams of the different electrical systems of today, and very importantly, just how they interconnect and affect each other under certain conditions.

Read this book and you will better understand your;

  • COACH (AUX) 12-VDC Battery Electrical System
  • External 110-VAC Electrical System (Campsite power)
  • MAIN (Engine) 12-VDC Battery and Accessory Electrical System (motorhomes only)
  • Generator 110-VAC Electrical System (Motorhomes)
  • Solar Electrical (Simple trickle chargers and Off-Grid) Solar Power

This book also includes information on; Inverters, Converters, RV Batteries, GFCI Receptacles, Power Control Panels, DCV Fuses, ACV Breakers, Propane Power Systems, Tow Coand more.

You can purchase this book as well a several other ones of mine on AMAZON.

You can just go to Amazon and search for my name DONALD BOBBITT and see all of my books  that I have published there, including my new one mentioned here called RV ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS and How They Interconnect

Or you can CLICK here for the product link on Amq; RV ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS

I believe that this book can be a great reference tool for any RV owner who has an electrical problem with their camper.




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