Work Camping, What You Need to Know.

If you have been camping for a few years, or if you are someone considering Camping more often, one way to see the USA and help pay for the travels is to get into Work Camping.

There are literally tens of thousands of campgrounds around the country; some seasonal and some open all year, that utilize campers to perform the simple, low-labor-level maintenance and office jobs that abound in a campground.

Typically they will stay for several months and get a break on a campsite price and they will paid a low wage, usually right at minimum wage.

Work Camping is a lifestyle, in its own right, that is ideal for some campers.

The ideal Work Camper (couple) will be very comfortable living for long periods of time in the small space of a camper and they will have certain; computer or electrical, or mechanical, or plumbing, or landscaping skills.

Click on the link below and read my article on HubPages where I make a detailed analysis the good things and the bad things about Work Camping as well as provide other special information that an interested camper will need to make a decision as well as ways to actually get a Work Camping job.

Work Camping Information for everyone.

by Don Bobbitt, All Rights Reserved

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