The RV Dream vs the RV Reality

The RV Dream versus the RV Reality

Far, far too often, I see or meet people who go out, spend their hard earned savings on an RV that they believe will take them to those places they have dreamed about visiting for decades.

They think the RV itself will make their traveling dreams come true, when the reality is that they, themselves make owning, traveling and living in an RV, even part-time, a success; and not the camper they select.

But I have found that, the ones who make the transition from searching for their idyllic dream vehicle, to being someone who’s just  enjoying the real world of camping in an RV, are the happy people, not the stubborn ones who have such high personal expectations where they thing the RV itself will make their travels perfect.

Click below to read my article on this subject; the transition in their RV travels from a search for perfection to one of enjoying every day and every surprise they encounter as they travel the country.

Searching for the RV Dream versus the Reality of RV travel.

by Don Bobbitt, All Rights Reserved


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