Camping Free for a Month, My Thousand Trails Membership

That’s right, I have made the reservations and I will be leaving Tampa Florida in a couple of weeks, travel to Lynchburg Virginia, stay there for 3-weeks and then return, without paying a penny for a campsite.

I will be using the Thousand Trails campgrounds, Three Flags, near Wildwood Florida for a night, then I will overnight the next day at The Oaks at Point South in South Carolina and then I will be staying for three weeks at the Lynchburg R Resort near Lynchburg Virginia.

Then, I will return by the same route.

So, my only real travel expense will be fuel for my motorhome. GREAT HUH!

You see, I am also a member of other campground membership clubs, but I always try to plan my trips around using my TT privileges whenever I can. And it just so happens that I can cut the thirteen hour drive down into three reasonable hops, hook up and stay overnight in a nice safe campground with numerous amenities and on the next morning, I drive on, refreshed and alert.

I joined TT over a dozen years ago, and have used their selection of campgrounds in my travels across the US as much as possible.

So, I am checking out my RV, and preparing for my leisurely trip. Oh, and look for some campground reviews. I haven’t used these three campgrounds for over a year, so I will be reporting on their condition.

by Don Bobbitt, All Rights Reserved




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