My Retro-Winnie Repairs, a Leaking Ice Maker Problem

Well, there I was, thinking on my what my next fix or possible upgrade to my RETRO-WINNIE motorhome might be.

Well, while we were camping in lynchburg , Virginia, a little problem developed after about three days in our camping stay.

We opened our Freezer one morning and found a thick Ice coating on top of our frozen food.

I ended up jumping through a number of hoops and learned some valuable information about 2-way fridge Ice-Makers, how they function, and how to find a replacement Ice Maker.

I wrote an article on my Writer’s site that details the process I had to go through, and I recommend that you read it. Just click on the link below to see my article;

Replacing  the Ice Maker in a 2-way Fridge

by Don Bobbitt, All Rights reserved



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