RV Financials, Part-4, Understanding how to sell your RV yourself

This is part-4 of a 5-part series of articles on the subject of RV Financials. My three previous articles can be accessed by clicking on the following links to the individual articles on my HubPages site;

RV Financials Part-1 – Understanding RV Prices

RV Financials Part-2 – Understanding RV Depreciation

RV Financials Part-3 – Understanding the RV Trade-In Process

Each of them should give the reader a good perspective on the; Pricing, Valuation, and Trading procedures used by dealers.

If you feel the dealer might be making far too much money off of you in a trade, there are other options for you to use one of them being selling your RV yourself.

Click on the link below to read this article on my Writer’s site called;

How to Sell Your RV Yourself and cut out the dealers.

by Don Bobbitt, All Rights Reserved


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