RV Camping and Kids

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Taking children on a camping trip

Camping is a great way for families to enjoy the wonders of our great nation, easily and cheaply.

So, it is not surprising that more ad more young couples are planning their vacations to include their children and to utilize the campgrounds of America.

One major reason for this change is the lowers costs associated with Camping versus renting a Hotel Room or Condo.

Where a hotel room for a family of four will easily cost $100 or much more, a camping site, even in peak vacation seasons will rent for as little as $25 to $50 a day.

And, the campsite will usually be in a campground filled with amenities that the whole family can enjoy, together.

You don;’ have to be very smart, when you compare a hotel with, a small room and maybe a small outside pool, to a campground with such things as;

  • multiple swimming pools,
  • children play areas,
  • a clubhouse with toys, activities and often even movies,
  • horseshoe pits,
  • basketball courts,
  • miniature golf course,
  • and many other FREE attractions designed for families.

Once parents are educated about the advantages of camping, many of them start looking for a camper of some sort to use for their vacations.

Plan the Trip with the Kids in Mind for a better experience

The first thing that parents who are going to a Campground, several hours drive away must realize is that they must plan the trip itself as if it were an adventure for the Kids themselves.

That’s right, the family that drives halfway across the country in a car with kids that quiet and cooperative is a myth.

Kids have a lot of great traits, but one of the major ones is IMPATIENCE!

They do not have very much of this skill, and you, the parents  must bear the brunt of poor planning when they become tired of your cool vacation trip.

Kids will be Kids

The overriding fact that parents must accept is that “Kids will be Kids”!

Children who are thrust into the back seat of a car or SUV, without any way to keep themselves busy or at least interested, are going to be problem children.

And they are going to be problems very quickly if the parents do not know how to take advantage of their knowledge of their children and their interests and make the trip something that is fun rather than boring.

The parents need to be realistic and accept the probability of certain things occuring, such as;

  • Infants are going to need changing,and regularly.
  • Infants are going to cry whenever their bellies are empty or they are bored.
  • Toddlers are going to cry “once the Cheerios run out” and their stomachs are full.
  • Toddlers are not going to sit in their carseat for more than maybe, maybe, an hourat a time.
  • Older children might watch a movie, if you have a DVD player, but, they too will get bored after an hour or so. Coloring books and plastic toys will become boring very quickly.
  • Teens, will just be a pain in the butt to you, often for no discernible reason at all. A Smartphone, music player, whatever will soon become boring to anyteen after a couple of hours.

Remember, as the complaints grow and the noise and crying increases, they are just kids and it is your responsibility to manage their situation.

Pre-Plan your trip for children

So, pre-planning your trip, down to the last detail is imperative for your sanity as parents.

Once you finally get to the campground, and if you planned the campground selection properly, the kids will find that they have a number of things they can do right there, in the campground, such as; swimming pools, miniature golf, shuffleboard, playgrounds, and more.
The smart campgrounds know that they can draw a lot more customers if they have these critical things for families to do.
Remember, your taks when on a family camping trip is to keep the kids entertained, and you will find that you and your spouse will have a much better trip yourselves.
by Don Bobbitt, All Rights Reserved

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