How to KEEP WARM in your RV, Tips for Winter Campers

OK, there you are, sitting in your camper in some campground where the weather report said it was going to be great weather for your whole vacation.

But, you notice that you feel a chill inside and wonder what the problem might be.

Checking the temperature, you see that the updated weather reports say  things are indeed COLD outside and there’s a healthy wind blowing which seems to be driving cold air into your normally cozy camper.

You don’t really want to depend on your camper’s furnace but you do need to get things more comfortable inside your camper, because the weatherman is calling for several days of bad weather.

Well, click on the link below and read my article on my Writer’s site  about the many tips and suggestions you can try and make things a lot more comfortable in your camper.

Tips on How to Keep WARM in your RV

by Don Bobbitt


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