How to Calculate your Vehicle Towing Capacity

As an avid RV Camper for decades, I often end up trading for or buying a different camper every few years.

Whenever I begin my search for that new camper, I have to not only know the towing specifications on my potential new camper, but I must also re-evaluate my towing vehicles capabilities.

When I recalculate how well my vehicle can tow a vehicle if it is a motorhome, or my newer and different camper, I will usually hold my breath until I make sure all of the numbers are in the right range for a safe towing experience.

Otherwise, if my towing vehicle or camper’s numbers are not compatible I could be forced into purchasing a new Tow vehicle.

I have written a more detailed article about figuring out your Towing capacity on my Writer’s site and you can click on the link below to see my article on how to calculate your vehicle’s towing capacity.

How to Calculate your Vehicle’s Towing Capability

by Don Bobbitt


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