Supplemental Brake Systems, do I need one in my Towed Car?


I recently purchased a small tow car (known to RVers as a TOAD) and I was trying to figure out what kind of Supplemental Braking System is required by the laws of the states I plan to drive through.

This was a bit of a mystery to me and whenever I called any RV Parts store they were recommending some pretty expensive stuff for me to purchase and have installed.

After some research, I found that every state has its own laws about supplemental braking systems, and I pulled the information together in an article of mine on my Writer’s site, if you want to know what I found.

RV’s and Towed Car Braking and what Supplemental Braking Systems are available.

Also, during my research I found a link to a site that lists the legal limits for all 50 States and Canada. Check it out to help you with your decision.

Towed Car Braking Requirements for all states.


by Don Bobbitt, All Rights Reserved



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