RV Financials – Part-1 – RV Pricing and Values

Many of us really don’t understand the RV pricing systems used today, and many of us get taken advantage of by dealers who manipulate these numbers to make the maximum profit possible.

This is the first part, PART-1, of a 5-part series on RV Financials, designed to make every RV owner a savvy owner.

If  you want to understand how your RV is valued, you should  read my article on my Writer’s site that explains how RV values are managed for dealers in their sales efforts.

Every potential RV buyer should read this article so they can use the information to get the best deal possible, when they buy or trade their RV.

Click on the link below to read my article;

RV Financials, RV Pricing and Values

Also, you should read my other articles on RV Financials;

RV Financials, Understanding RV Depreciation

RV Financials, Understanding the Trade In Process


by Don Bobbitt, All Rights Reserved



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