How to Keep Cool in your RV in the Summer

Summer Heat can put a lot of strain on your RV Air Conditioning system.

Sure, regardless of the size of your RV, if it has an Air Conditioner, the unit has been designed to handle keeping your RV Cool under normal conditions.

But far too often, our lifestyle and such things as cooking, opening the door too often, and sometimes, just parking your RV in the direct rays of the SUN, can all combine to make your RV uncomfortable.

I have written an article on my HubPages site that goes through a number of steps any RV owner can take to take some of the load off of your RV’s Air Conditioner.

Click on the link below to read this informative article to make your Summer travels in your RV more comfortable;

Tips on keeping your RV COOL in extreme heat

by Don Bobbitt, All Rights Reserved


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