Got Mice in your RV? Here’s how to get rid of them for good!


Nearly all RV owners will get Mice in their camper, especially if it’s stored and unused for long periods of time.

If you’re one of the campers who find evidence of little pests inside your RV you need to follow a good attack plan to get rid of them.

The first thing you do is figure out how they got in, and then you implement a logical attack plan to get rid of the ones already in your RV.

Click on the link below to read my HubPages article that tells you how to eliminate these pests for good.

How to get Rid of Mice in your RV




  1. We have been using our camper in the yard between trips . Well , last month we saw droppings , but there is no food in camper . We put out traps and use peppermint all around . Still coming back and droppings around the traps . Help !!!


    • Susan – It’s still all about two things. Entry to your Camper, and food availability. Keep looking for those entry points and block them. And they’re eating something if there are droppings. Good Luck.


    • Brenda, the first thing for you to remember is that these pests only exist where they have food. So, as I mention in my article, do a thorough cleaning of your pantry and anywhere you have anything edible. get rid of everything a mouse could get into, and package the others food items in sturdy jars and other packaging. They have to eat regularly, so it won’t take long before they go further out from their hiding places and search for food. Then, set your traps to catch these desperate one. After you are no longer catching anything, inspect the exterior of your motorhome for access points and seal them off. The most common places for entry are; your power cord access as well as your exterior storage door seals, as well as anywhere your sink and toilet water and drain lines go through the floor.
      Good Luck,


    • Crystal – The number one reason that there might be mice in someones camper is the fact that they have found FOOD in there.
      So, the first thing to do is you should mount a two-pronged attack.
      First, scour all of your cabinets for food you forgot about, such as; cereal or anything in cardboard boxes, or thin plastic bags. They can eat their way right into these packages. In fact, anything I keep long term is stored in sealable metal or glass containers.
      Second, set traps and check then twice a day. Keep fresh bait in the traps and once you haven’t caught anything for a week or two, you are probably OK for a while. Then you can check all of your cabinets and drawers for Mouse waste and clean up properly.
      Once you have cleaned thing up, you can attack the possible entry points.
      If your is the stove? Furnace? Oven? Well that’s surprising because most of these are sealed from the exterior environment quite well. And the vent covers are designed to block any such entry.
      Even so, that’s where you set your NEW trap, with fresh bait.
      The first places I would check are exterior places that are easy for them to climb, typically; up your power cord, up your tires onto the chassis, and then into exterior storage cabinets that are not sealed well.
      Good luck.


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