Manage your RV Power Load when on a 30-Amp Service

Here’s a surprise for you “newbie” RV owners as you take your RV out and begin to camp around America;


If you do end up sitting on a campsite that only provides a 30-AMP service connection there are a number of things you can do to use your power more efficiently and still enjoy your camping experience.

I have written an article on my HubPages site that details just how you can make the best of your limited power source even in the hottest part of the Summer.

So, Click on the link below to read my Hub (article) that takes the reader through these power management tricks.

How to Manage your RV Power usage when on a 30-AMP Service


by Don Bobbitt,


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  1. Tom,If I understand you correctly, you have a Class-B camper, or else a Van that is modified to some degree for camping. In either case, I suggest that you get one of the standard awnings that are designed for campers, and yes even Vans. They require very little modification, in that they essentially bolt onto the edge of the roof, and roll our and in manually. They have a leg at each end, that mounts to the side of your Van at a 45-degree angle, so they do not touch the ground. I suggest that you go to a Camper supply store site such as Camping World, and search for awnings as a starting point, and see what they have available. Thanks for the response.


  2. Hello: I am interested in using an awning or umbrella to provide shade for my camper van in the desert. I have a question about a somewhat unusual application; is it possible to put an umbrella or an awning in a sleeve cylinder attached to the side of my camper van to provide roof cover? this would elminate the necessity to secure the umbrella in the ground below my camper van. Thanks,Tom


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