RV Tire Covers, get rid of those Bungee straps

I’m not only lazy, but I’m also old enough for certain physical things I do when traveling in my RV to cause me pain and discomfort.

Being an RV owner, one thing that I definitely use to protect my tires are good quality covers.

RV Tire Covers can save the owner a lot of money by protecting the tires from degradation from the Sun’s rays.

And, honestly, you will find that the vast majority of RV owner use Tire Covers, for this very reason.

Below is a link to my article on my Writer’s site which describes a simple trick that the owner can use to eliminate the use of that bothersome bungee strap on their tire covers and replacing them with weights that get the job done better and makes the process easier.

RV Tire Covers, how to tie them down

by Don Bobbitt, All Rights Reserved


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