How to Fix Your Power Entrance Steps

I was talking to a fellow camper the other day and he told me his entrance steps had stopped working.

As we talked, he mentioned that he had been in his campsite for over three weeks and just that morning, he had opened his door to go outside and the steps did not open out for him.

He explained that he had flipped the STAIR switch next to the door and nothing had happened.

After thinking about what he had said for a minute, I realized that I knew exactly what his problem was.

His problem was a common one for motorhome owners, and this one was a situation that would often attack even the most experienced RV camper if they for got to have this one in their campsite set[up checklist.

I have an informative article on my Writer’s site that explains the problem and what to do to avoid this happening to you, just click on the link below;

Your powered RV Entrance Steps and your battery


Read this article and understand this typical electrical problem.

by DON BOBBITT, All Rights Reserved

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