What are the Basic things you will Need in Your RV?

It’s pretty easy to purchase an RV.

Essentially, all you need to do is; 1-have a good credit rating, and 2- have enough in your checkbook for your down payment, And simply put, if you are armed with these two things, you can drive or tow your new RV away within a couple of hours.

The things they do not tell you are just what you should have in your RV in case there might be a problem while you are traveling down the highways and back roads of America.

You see, an RV is a complex thing; essentially it’s a house on wheels. And sad to say it is not uncommon for some of the equipment in it to stop operating at one time or another if for no other reason than everything in an RV is bouncing down the road giving many opportunities for loose connections or even broken parts

And, you will most likely not be told about many of the things that might give you a problem with any RV, especially if you have either not ever owned an RV, or not been given a thorough training class on RV Operation and Safety.

Because of this need, I have written a detailed article on my HubPages site that you can read and make your own decisions about just what you should have in your RV; juxt click on the link below to open the article;

What Every RV Owner Needs in His RV

by Don Bobbitt, August, 2019

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