RECIPES for 2 in an RV

Although many people who use TVs are families including children the majority of the RV owners in the USA are couples.

A Book full of Recipes designed for COOKING for 2 in an RV

And once the kids are gone, you and your spouse, if you’re really dedicated RV travelers will continue traveling and camping, the same as my wife and I have for years now.

You will use your RV for years after they are grown taking a more leisurely approach to RV camping and adjusting your lifestyle accordingly.

And even though you may continue to enjoy the great regional foods you encounter in your travels, in reality, you will also be cooking a lot of meals right there in your RV, that are just right for the two of you.

My wife has just published her own favorite recipes that she and I have enjoyed cooking while we’re at home, but the great thing is we find they are great meals that are easy to prepare in an RV Kitchen..

The book includes numerous recipes that are designed to feed two people or if not just two meals, they will have leftovers that keep well in a Fridge and don’t lose their great flavors when reheated.

Her book, FROM MY KITCHEN to YOURS has been published and can be found on AMAZON in paperback and digital version.

Click on the link below to go to her great Cookbook link on Amazon;

From My Kitchen to Yours Book


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