From the Desk of RamblingDon – post-2 – It’s My Turn, My RV, and My Lifestyle

From the RV Desk of RamblingDon – Life and Traveling

Owning an RV – A Traveling Lifestyle

My wife and I love to travel. In fact, we’ve been doing this travel thing for quite a while now and we’re thoroughly enjoying this life path we have taken. Sure there are so many ways a person or couple can see the world.

Some people might travel using; airplanes, trains, or cars to get to hotels, motels, rented condo’s and such; to get to their desired destinations and enjoy the places and people they have always wanted to see.

But, my wife and I? We opted, long ago, for a retired life using a motorhome as our abode and to get us to wherever we wanted to go.

Honestly, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind that the freedom of being able to fire up my motorhome anytime I want and hitting the road to some other destination is the most fantastic feeling my wife and I could have come up with, to live out our retirement years.

We did our Best and now we do as we wish.

You see, as we look back at our lifestyle decisions, the good ones and the bad ones, we still feel we lived those years of raising our family the best we could and we’re comfortable saying we paid our dues, to our family and the rest of the world.

We worked our whole lives in jobs, both good ones and bad ones, taking care of our family and still making a few extra dollars that we could put away just for this hard earned freedom we now enjoy.

And, we did our best raising our three kids, teaching them what we could about life, love and God. We gave each of them a youth filled with privileges and opportunities. And they fed on what they wanted, using a spoon they held in their own hands and they knew they could consume or reject as much of what we told them as they wished. Nothing was stuffed down their throats.

We gave them the freedom to make their own choices, good or bad, and although we may have warned them of the dangers they might face when they took a path we didn’t like, we never shielded them by making their choices for them.

And, after going through their own life’s lessons, I honestly believe they’ve turned out pretty well; doing what they wanted and doing it their way.

I was once told; Some people learn Life’s lessons easily without trials or tribulations, while for others, their lessons are hard and bitterly learned. In my mind, the hard-learned ones are the best. They put steel in a soul! 

What’s over that next Hill?

But back to my wife and I, we made no bones with our children about the fact that we were also living our own lives and that we had plans for our own futures, God willing, and if we lived long enough.

So, it was no surprise to our kids, or anyone else I believe, when we retired as early as we could and we started on our travels in a motorhome. We’re a different kind of couple from many we have known in our lives who are content with their sedentary lives; we, and certain others like us, have that rare and powerful desire to see and learn all that we can in life, while we can.

Stopping here for a moment to think over what I have said, let me explain with this; Over my lifetime, one thing I have learned about people is that there are some who will stand and look a a Hill, on the horizon and say; What a beautiful hill, I’ll have to go and check it out some day.

But there are some people, like my wife and I, who will look at the very same Hill and say; I have got to go and see what’s over that Hill!

And that’s what my wife and i are doing as much as we can, we’re spending our lives traveling over to that next hill, to look and learn.

We just have to see what’s over that next Hill, And the Next! And the Next! 

That’s the Adventure of it All!

So far, we’ve been able to cross this country several times in different motorhomes and along the way we have stayed in some fantastic, and honestly, some really horrible campgrounds.

We have met some amazing people, many of whom became great friends with us, and some we still communicate with today, years after last seeing them.

At the same time we’ve met some people that make you wonder how such retributes were even conceived, much less allowed to grow to be adults, continuing to wander the Earth and plague the rest of humanity with their thoughtless and selfish ways, as some seem to do.

But, like so many of our fellow travelers, we are not afraid to move on when the bad places or people are distracting us from our enjoyment of our lives.

My wife and I have been blessed over our lives with such great Luck, and honestly, as if God was keeping a balance sheet on us, we’ve been the foil of Fate and her vagaries, a number of times as well.

But, along with all the Good and the Bad we’ve encountered, we are definitely blessed with this freedom of ours to get into our motorhome and move on down the road of life and see what lies over the next hill, whenever we wish.

And, so far, regardless of what we might encounter next, we know that wherever we do go, we can stay and enjoy it, or we can move on to our next adventure, keeping our past stops and encounters as special memories.

Such is the ordinary life of an RV owner and Traveler.

by Don Bobbitt, November, 2017

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