Back from the KEYS and planning our next adventure in our RV

We left the RV Resort, Fiesta Key, almost two weeks ago, and headed to our Homebase in Ruskin Florida. Our motorhome had developed several problems that we needed to address so we decided it was time for our move.

It has taken until now for us to get the RV back in shape for our next adventure and I have been trying to organize my notes about our 4+ months in the Keys.

As you know, I did write and publish the first 4 chapters (The Old Man in the Keys) of what will become an ebook soon. You can read those chapters here on my site, if you’re interested.

When we pulled out, we had three, what I will call “bothersome but not major”, RV problems. 1-The rear AC unit had stopped running, 2-the Power entrance step stopped functioning, and 3- the right-rear leveling jack would not retract.

So, I paid a local RV Service guy to come by the campground and manually crank my leveling jack up, and once that was done, we pulled out and landed at home 6 hours later.

There’s a local RV Repair company just 4 miles down the road so I left my RV there for them to get everything back in running order for us, while we planned out next adventure in our motorhome.

This time, we got lucky with the RV repairs. Each of the problems were fixed without a “major charge”. Of course the repairs did cost us hundreds of dollars, but the cost was not as bad as they could have been had I taken my Rv to certain other repair companies.

More to come on the RV Repair world and on our next trip soon.


Copyright, Don Bobbitt, July, 2017, All Rights Reserved


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