The Old Man in the Keys – Views of Life in the Keys of Florida

The Old Man in the Keys

OK, I’m the OLD MAN in the Keys. I am staying down here for an indeterminate period of time (it has already been two months).

As I roam around the Keys, I see things that are the same as decades ago, but I also see where a lot more of the things that once added to the character of the Keys have now been destroyed by commercialization.

Don’t get me wrong, the Keys are still here, waiting for you to come and visit, but it is changing. So Hurry!

My goal is to write little snippets about what I still see that are part of the charm and uniqueness of this chain of small low-lying islands. The first several chapters are done, and I am presenting them here for your entertainment. Others will be added as I get them done.

If you’re interested, click on the link below to start on Chapter-1.

The OLD MAN in the KEYS, a digital book.

(includes the first 4-chapters, so far.)

by Don Bobbitt, 2017

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