The OLD MAN in the KEYS – Part-2

The Old Man in the Keys – #2

February, 28

Chillin’ and Writin’

So, here I am, just another white-haired, old man, in my old motorhome. If happen to come around, you’ll usually find me caught up in my favorite past-times; observing my fellow camper as they go through their hurried vacation day, or sitting sitting in my favorite Tiki Bars, or walking along the local beaches. And when inspiration strikes me, I’ll be writing about what I have observed on these daily wanderings around the Keys.

The great thing for me is the fact that there are still a few campgrounds scattered around the Keys where a person with a motorhome or other style camper can rent a campsite and get into the Keys lifestyle for a little cheaper price than what most tourists pay to rent a condo or hotel room.

In case you didn’t already know it; when you get down here in the Keys and check things out, you’ll find that the exorbitant prices of land, homes, even condos and small apartments in the Keys are beyond the reach of the average working man. Because of this, if you’re looking for me you’ll find me living comfortably in my motorhome.

We’ve been down here before, over the years, but this time I’ve been telling everyone that we expect to be here “for the duration” which just means that when we either run out of “fun money” or I’ll have developed a serious case of “Writer’s Block”.

To entertain you, my friends, old and new, I’ll be placing my own little Pearls of Wisdom and some of my photography here, in these chapters, for everyone to enjoy.

Of course, the Tropical weather and abundant forms of Nature are so beautiful and visible nearly everywhere you look, some of my pictures will stashed into the chapters, along with my words of Wisdom.

So, until you see my next installment, remember the philosophy; YOU PUT THE LIME IN THE COCONUT, AND YOU SHAKE IT ALL UP…………..”

Don Bobbitt, February, 2017


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