That campground you like will be full when school lets out.

OK, it’s WINTER, and you’re sitting in front of your fireplace, watching TV, or doing some other thing where you can keep warm as you wait for warmer weather when you can un-store your RV and start your travels.

But, here’s a thought you need to consider; along with warm weather comes a surge in campground reservations.

Not only are your fellow campers making reservations, but that unique, and very large group of “camping families” are just waiting to reserve campsites at their favorite vacation spots for when their kids get out of school.

So, unless you want to be a part of that growing group of cmper who discover they cannot find a campsite where they wanted one, you had better get off of your butt and reserve a campsite, now, while there are still some open.

Let me repeat; Make your camping reservations, now!

Anyway, I have mine! LOL!

by Don Bobbitt, February, 2017


Copyright, Don Bobbitt, February, 2017, All Rights Reserved.



One thought on “That campground you like will be full when school lets out.

  1. Good Morning Bob. I am so relived to see that you are still in action! Online and sharing valuable information in regards to RV help. I admit, I know very little about RV’s. My father in law was the master in my life. Sadly, he passed away a year and a half ago and we miss him badly. He was our go to guy for everything RV related and basically anything else. He helped us build our own house. I know a lot about home building from my experiences with him there, but I am about to tackle problems we are having with the travel trailer. It’s been parked for quite some time and I want to sort it out so that my son can stay in it for awhile. I suspect there are a number of things wrong with it. I hope that you don’t mind if I pick your brain as I come across these issues. I surely would appreciate your expert advice and suggestions. Sincerely, Cherry Davis


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