My Summer RV travel plans, suggestions gladly accepted

OK, I know it’s a bit early, but Helen and I have made a few decisions about how we will travel and camp this upcoming Summer in our RV.

As you know by now, we have a 2006 Fleetwood Bounder motorhome and we are members of Thousand Trails Resorts. I mention this because of the perks we get as members.

With my membership in TT, I get to stay for up to 3-weeks at certain sites around the country. Making such plans, we have spent several weeks of discussions, and even consumed a couple of bottles of wine, trying to put together a tentative plan for our summer of camping in 2017.

As you know, just like every serious camper we know from up North wants to get away from the Cold winter, we Floridians like to travel further North and the relatively cooler Summers.

So, here is what we have put down as a framework for our Summer.

1- We plan to depart Florida in lat May or early June.

2-We will hop up to Virginia in several short stops in Georgia (maybe St.Marys??) and South Carolina (unknown at this point, maybe Yemassee,SC??).

3- We will stay for 3-weeks in a TT CG on the Chesapeake peninsula, called; Chesapeake RV Resort.

4- We will move over to a CG in Williamsburg for 3-weeks called; Williamsburg RV Resort.

5- We will hop down through SC and Georgia at a couple of nice campgrounds until we hit Florida.

6- We will stay for 3-weeks near Ocala Florida in a CG called; Three Flags RV Resort.

7- We will move down to a CG in Florida near Orlando called; Orlando RV Resort

8- We will move down to a CG in Florida near Wauchula called; Peace River RV Resort

9- At this point we will decide o whether to return to our Homebase or go back to the Orlando TT CG.

10- We will return to our Homebase for a month or so to see all of our Doctors and get our prescriptions refilled. This usually takes a month or two. And, by this time the Summer will be nearing its end and cooler weather will prevail at our homebase.

But, we do have several other options to add to our trip, or to replace what we have selected so far, such as; a TT CG on the VA peninsula, another near Lake Gaston in NC as well as one in the Carolina mountains, as well as a couple in SC near Winston-Salem. We have stayed at all of these at one time or another, but right now, we are planning on what you see.

So, now that we have laid this out, we can start doing our detailed plans for maintaining our RV, managing our mails, and researching interesting places to visit.

What can you do to help us?

Well we talked this over, and we realized many of you are from or have been to these sites. So, We want you to give us ides of places to visit, that are; very photogenic, great eating places, great hiking places, great places to watch a Sunset, or just plain INTERESTING.

Please feel free to respond to this post and share your experiences and suggestions with us. I will add the good ones to this post as an idea list for others.

Thanks and wish us well on our Summer of camping.


by Don Bobbitt, November 2016




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