Taking your RV to the Keys? Be prepared for the traffic.

Everyone wants to go to the Keys and those of us who have an RV, are lucky enough to have campgrounds available all along the Overseas Highway for us to use.

I have been in one of these campgrounds several times and now that I’m a little older, I prefer the distance from Key West itself.

I get a little more seclusion and honestly, Key West has become so commercialized that the number one entertainment there is hopping from bar to  bar. In a close second place are some high-end and many low-end (cheaper chains) restaurants for you to have a meal.

I prefer to camp “up the road” and just occasionally “dip my feet” into the world of bars and partying, that’s so popular with most of the tourists I see.

The thing that so many tourists don’t understand is the fact that the Keys are connected by the famous Overseas Highway. And this highway is, for the most part just a two-lane road.

So, if you are going to be in the Keys, at one time or another you will have to deal with these unique traffic situations you will come upon as you drive around.

Click on the link below and you can read my article on the HubPages that give some tips on having an RV and driving around the Keys;

How to handle the traffic in the Keys


by Don Bobbitt, September, 2016

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