Loading up for our next Adventure. RV traveling in the Keys

OK, I told myself that you were all bored with my RV travels and I wouldn’t do anymore articles like those in the past.

But, here I am. with our RV pulled over to our house and ready to be loaded.

I plugged the RV AC voltage cord in to our house, and by tomorrow, I will be able to load the fridge and freezer with stuff we will be eating over the next month.

Not those common day-to-day foods we all eat, but those special things that you pull out, on those really great evenings, to just chill out and treat yourself with something that makes those sunsets, great new friends, and wonderful sights you have enjoyed that day, even more memorable.

That’s what we keep in our RV fridge, those special treats that we would not normally eat or drink, except for such special times.

Then, we will load all of those clothes, canned goods, medicines and other special things that we will need during those other times of the day that entertain us.

Our, WIFI, our computers, our books for reading, and our other forms of entertainment that we use in between our daily activities will be the last things loaded.

But, once we have everything loaded, we will just go back into our house and sit down for an easy evening of TV a light dinner and then a good nights sleep.

It will be an evening of relaxing because when we do get up in the morning, we will be driving for two days, with a stop over in Naples Florida and then the last trip to our final destination, Fiesta Key.

It will be an easy trip and once we’re there, we will set our site up and be ready for our adventures in the Keys.

One thing we are looking forward to is to go to each milepost, from 0- to-123, and at least take a picture and if there is really something to see or do there, we plan to document it.

Will we bore you with this trip?

Knowing me, I probably will. And if I do, please bear with us.

But, regardless, we’re going to have a great month, one week, one day, one hour at a time.

Keep tuned in.

DON Bobbitt, September, 9. 2016



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