Back at our Home Base, far too soon.

It’s scary!

We have only been back at our home base for a week now and we still have that itch to be on the road in our motorhome again.

Normally, after we are gone for a while in our RV, we can easily spend a month or two before we feel this need to travel, somewhere, anywhere, really, but somewhere.

Well, we live south of Tampa Florida, but, I just made reservations for a week at the TT Clermont campground near Orlando.

We talked it over, and we figured we could do a lot of the things we need to have done with our RV,while in the RV. So, I got online and we will be Chillin’ in Orlando starting Tuesday, the 13th.

We look at it as a period when we can manage our food intake, and get the exercise we have been so lax with for a week before we come back to our Home base, and the cost?

Actually, other than the gas to get from Tampa to Orlando and back, evrything else will be a wash. We still have to eat, and we can pack the RV fridge with the appropriate foods for our week in Orlando and not have any significant exra expenses.

So, look out for us next week. We’re Running Away!

Don, August, 13, 2016

Copyright, Don Bobbitt, August 13, 2016, All Rights Reserved

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