Campground Memberships are a good way to save money.


If you are a camper who want s to get out and see this great country of ours, one of the things you soon run into is the costs of renting good campsites in really good campgrounds.

As you search for ways to save, you will find that a lot of your fellow campers are members of one or more Campground Club.

Some of these clubs will include several regional campgrounds but many will include campgrounds across the country.

Of course, the memberships can be relatively cheap and these often save you maybe 10% or 20% off of the campgrounds regular rates. Others can save you as much as 50%, but they will limit how many days you can stay at their reduced rate.

And then there are the more expensive memberships which provide their sites for no fee if you are a member.

The reality is that you need to select a campground membership that suits your style of camping and doing this can be a little confusing for some.

So, I recommend that you read my article in the link below to get a clearer picture of membership campgrounds.

Campground Memberships can save you Money.

by Don Bobbitt

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