A Week of Rain for Christmas in Virginia


OK, I’m not complaining!

We’re up here enjoying the Holidays with our family and friends. It’s a good thing.

Oh, and we are camped in my daughters driveway in our motorhome. So, even though it has been a bit dreary with the constant showers and occasional deluge, we are having a good time.

I have already written a blog on how to entertain yourselves in an RV on rainy days, so as they say, this isn’t our first Rodeo. And, we are doing fine with only the occasional bout of “cabin fever”.

Anyway, I’m sitting here drinking my morning coffee, and a happy though hit me.

I should appreciate the fact that we are sitting in our RV, over 700 miles from our home, and it has only been raining. Imagine what a week of continuous snow would look like on our RV roof.

Yep, rain doesn’t look so bad to me, now.

So, Merry Christmas to all, from Helen and I, as we enjoy our wet holiday!

by Don Bobbitt, December, 2015


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