Three Flags CG, a great overnight layover in Florida


Frog_01-1We’re up and walking around this morning after a nice layover at the Three Flags campground (Thousand Trails) in Florida. It’s not only a good CG to stay at for a week or so, but it’s a great overnight stop being, right off of I-75 in Florida.

I am a TT member so I get to stay there free and it’s at an ideal point on most of my North-South trips to be a great overnight stopover.

BTW, the temp when we got up was 71F and we had a light fog that went away within an hour.

Anyway, this CG is one of my favorites even though it isn’t very near any big tourist attractions.

Almost all of their sites are pull-thru sites and the place is kept in good shape.

We’re heading to Virginia and we decided to make a couple of layover stops on the way up to reduce the stress and generally make the trip more enjoyable for us. We pulled in, hooked up and had a nice evening just walking around, ogling the newer big rigs, and saying hello to everyone else we saw.

Then, it was back inside, warm up a nice dinner my wife had made for the trip, and watch a little TV before bed.

Oh BTW! She made a fantastic Lintel and Sausage soup that I devoured. That’s one of the things we have learned over our years of camping; make some dishes that will keep cold or frozen so that you aren’t always eating sandwiches and Chips.

We’ll be pulling out in an hour or so, and then its a four hour drive to The Oaks in South Carolina, which is another old but nice Thousand Trails campground.

We might hit a little rain at the end of the trip, but, What the Heck! Drive in the right lane, drive slow, and watch out for everyone else. That’s how we do it.


Address: 1755 East State Road 44, Wildwood, FL 34785



by Don Bobbitt, December, 2015

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