Rainy setup at Three Flags Campground in Wildwood Florida.

Well we got here OK even if a little later than I had planned. We were loaded up when we checked the traffic around Tampa on the TV.

It turned out that I-75 North was blocked by a serious wreck that had generated an 85 minute traffic delay from Riverview to Brandon (about 8 miles).

So, we poured ourselves another cup of coffee, sat back and watched the morning news for an hour or so.

By then, the wreck had been cleared and we finally loaded up and hit the road.

The further North we drove the heavier the rain, so we were glad to finally get off of the highway.

We had to set up in a light rain, but it wasn’t the first time for us, so we both jumped in and had the basic job done in short order. You learn after a few years of camping that there are several kinds of “RV setups”. The one we performed was the’ I don’t want to drown, so lets just hook up the power and sewage, for now”.

The Campground (Three Flags) we had selected is a TT Campground but they also take reservations from non-members for a certain percentage of their sites.

It only has about 200 sites, but they’re roomy, shaded, clean and well maintained from what I have seen so far in two stays there.

The humidity in Florida when it’s raining, is a killer, so we did turn on one of the AC units to suck some of the water out of the air, and make the RV more comfortable.

We asked a neighbor that was walking by (they’re dog people so, you can understand why they were out in the rain) . It turned out that there are some places you eat only a couple of miles away so we headed out for an early meal.

To our surprise, only three miles away, was one of the main entrances to the famous (and enormous) retirement community we all know as “The Villages”. So we found ourselves checking that place out over the next few weeks.

Anyway, I did venture out in the rain and took a picture of our site, trying to capture the essence of that gray wet weather day.

By Don Bobbitt, October 2015


Follow up: We spent several weeks at this campground and other than the many shops and restaurants at the VILLAGES only3- 4 miles away, the rest of the area is very Rural. But, the campground itself was a nice one, very well kept and the people couldn’t have been any friendlier.

We will be heading back to this CG again, and soon.


Copyright, Don Bobbitt, October 2015, All Rights Reserved.  —  You are free to enjoy and share this article with others, but if you wish to use it commercially then you must have the authors permission, in writing.


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