Patricia? Never heard of her! Or was that the name for that Hurricane?

You just have to love the luck of us RVers sometimes.

I have reservations to stay at the Three Flags campground, near Ocala Florida.

The Rig is cleaned up, washed waxed, and we will load up tomorrow. Then it’s just a two hour drive north to the campground.

But, I sit here watching the weather report and, that’s right, the remnants of Patricia are marching across Texas, Louisiana and the panhandle at this moment.

So it doesn’t take the proverbial rocket Scientist to figure out that i will most likely be driving in the rain and winds on my drive and possibly for my first day or so of my stay.

Oh well, Where did I put that old raincoat of mine? And the boots? Where the heck are the boots?

by Don Bobbitt, October, 2015


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