Heading to a CG near Wildwood Florida. Got Tiki Bars?

Tiki Lights at Sunset
Tiki Lights at Sunset

My wife and I have just made reservations for a few weeks stay at a campground near Wildwood Florida called Three Flags.

We have decided that I should write an article on small, out-of-the-way Tiki Bars in the area.

The campground is near  places like; the town of Ocala, the town of Mt.Dora, and the giant retirement area known as the Villages, to name a few.  Top that off with the fact that we will also be within 25-or-so miles of the Gulf waters, and we figure we will find a few nice Tiki Bars during our stay.

We just thought wring an article on the ones we like best would be an interesting read for people so we are looking forward to this little project.

We are already scanning the local town attractions, and news media for ideas and we would like to enlist the rest of you who might already know of good places for people like ourselves to have;

  • a light but good meal,
  • a glass of decent wine
  • and watch a beautiful sunset.

If you know of any such Tiki Bars, anywhere near where we will be staying, send us the name and address along with a little info on what makes it great to you. GPS coordinates would also be great. We would appreciate any info you might have on such places.

PS. Now, don’t get me wrong. We are just a pair of retirees, traveling in our RV and enjoying life as we find it. We would probably not be comfortable in some raucous late night dance clubs or other such places.

Our tastes are a little more conservative, at this point in our lives. But we do enjoy Tiki Bars, a good singer or combo playing music, while we relax and meeting good and interesting people.

Anyway, if you know of such places, help us out with a response.

One of My Sunsets
One of My Sunsets


Thanks, Don and Helen,

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