Our First time, Two Weeks Camping in the Keys


First of all, I should mention that we live in Florida anyway, so the Keys are only a five hour drive away for us. So, when my wife won a discount on a two-week stay at an Encore campground just south of Islamorada, we made our plans for a visit to the Keys.

When the time finally came, we drove down to the Keys, set up at our designated site and started our first experience of camping in this long strand of tiny islands (or Keys0. Oh, the campground is named the Fiesta Key Resort.

It’s an older camping resort, with some great points about it but on the other side of the experience, there are some really outdated facilities on the site. But after talking to the management and the service personnel; the owners, Encore (On the Go), seems to be spending some significant money upgrading a lot of their facilities.

The trip, overall, was a good one because we had been to the Keys before, over the years, but not as a camping trip.

Checkout my pictures and updates oonour stay, click on the link below;

Two Weeks in the Keys

by Don Bobbitt, July, 2015

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