Heading to the Keys! Gonna Get my BUFFET ON!


I guess I am being something of a bad guy here, telling you this but …….

I’m GOING to the KEYS

for two weeks of just sitting, talking and staring at things.

We have a reservation at a campsite in a nice campground on Long Key, at Mile Marker 70.

We have spent the past two weeks just checking things out on our Motorhome to make sure everything is in good shape for the trip.

Finally, today, I pulled my RV (The Gray Ghost) up to the front of our house and then I plugged it up to AC.

Now, the Fridge is already COLD, the bed linen is changed and I cleaned all of the dead bugs from the windshield.

Tomorrow, we will finish loading the last of our stuff and after a good nights sleep we will pull out. It will only be a 5-6 hour drive and then we will be CHILLIN’.

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

We can’t wait to get back there again and just hop around the different Keys, at our leisure, including Key West, of course.

We are Gonna;

find new Tiki Bars, toast beautiful sunsets, meet new people, walk on the beaches, swim in the Blue waters, sleep late, go to Bed late, sit under shady awnings, and just rejuvenate our souls.

We are so ready!

I mean;

we will have loaded the fridge with food.

we have already bought new Flip-Flops, and we washed all of our shorts, T-Shirts and underwear.

We even packed our large Tervis Cups, along with some Tequila, Rum and Margarita mix.

What else do we need?

DON, July, 2015


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