On the Road Again, Back  to Florida

All packed up, tied down and cleaned up. The RV is checked out for the road and we are heading back to the Home Base in Ruskin.

We have been camping in the Burg for a month now and we are pretty much done here, it seems.

We’ll stop for the night in Yemassee SC for the night tomorrow after about six hours on the road, for a rest and then we will be heading home the next day.

It’s one of those things for us Seniors, it seems, to drive for shorter runs than we did in our youth. I don’t know if it is a result of aging, or our experiences and knowledge of the right ways to drive a Big Rig.

I used to run for 8-10 hours a day easily, but time, my physical limitations and common sense rules my trip lengths now. And now, my Doctors tell me 5-6-hours a day is an absolute max for me.

That’s OK though, I just get home a day later and by driving slower, I do get to actually relax and enjoy the drive a little more myself instead, of turning the drive into a Calvary attack on the highways of America. LOL!

So, we will hit the bed for a good nights sleep and “Up and At ‘Em” in the morning.

Don Bobbitt, June, 2015

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