Nature Walks for RVers and Campers are great entertainment


When my wife and I are traveling in our RV one of the first things we do is find ourselves some trails to walk. Being retired, it is too easy to fall into a sedentary lifestyle and get far too little exercise.

We both have some physical problems that we need to work around, but we do try to get in at least 4 to 5 miles of walking a day.

OK, for you younger, healthier people this doesn’t seem to be much, but for us it is a standard that we can maintain regularly.

On our travels, we try to find trails that are listed as “Nature Trails” as much as possible.


As much as walking through the old part of a town might be entertaining, crossing streets and dodging crowds just takes something away from the whole experience.

So, as I said we prefer the privacy and scenery of Nature Trails when we can find them.

If you are ever in Lynchburg, Virginia, we highly recommend that, if you are like us, you seek out the “Riverwalk” in the downtown area. It is a wide, shaded and paved trail that crosses the James River and provides numerous great sights for the walker, jogger, or bike rider.

Click on the link below to read my article on HubPages where I describe the walk and have included a number of great photographs for your enjoyment,

A Nature Walk on the Riverwalk of Lynchburg Virginia

by Don Bobbitt, May, 2015


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