Two Hops and we’ll be in Virginia for a while.



It’s no secret that I am originally from Lynchburg Virginia. Born and raised, as we used to say.

Well, all of mine and my wife’s relatives are still there along with the few friends; that is the ones that haven’t died off or moved away, like we did.

We are looking forward to several weeks of sitting and socializing in our campsite at the local Moose Club (1727).

We will cook out, sip on good wines and the occasional beer with friends, we will reconnect with our kids and other family members and, yes, a few friends. We will drive up into the Blu Ridge mountains, less than 50-miles away, take pictures and maybe picnic at one of the many overviews.

But, best of all, we will just “Chill”.

Like so many Moose Clubs across the country, this one has a lot of great amenities available for the local and traveling members.

It has over 130 campsites that the locals use, a nice bath-house, 2 dumping stations, a large and active clubhouse, 20+ competition horseshoe pits, a nice kids playground, 2 ballfields, a small 3-acre lake, several gazebos for parties and 5 modern, paved campsites (with power) just for visiting Moose members.

Anyway, we will be heading out tomorrow morning on our 2-day trip north. It is a 700+ mile trip, one-way, so we usually stop over at a campground at the halfway point.

I’m not as young as I used to be, and taking at least one break on a trip this long is just a smart thing to do, for anyone.

I’m a TT member and there is a nice TT campground called “Point South” in Yemassee, SC that suits us fine. It has shaded pull-through campsites, clean restrooms and is only less than 1-mile off of I-95.

Once in our site, we will take a long walk and enjoy their nature trail there before we have dinner and get a good nights sleep. Then, if all is well, a few hours of travel and we can set our RV up for our nice summer stay in Virginia.

Wish us well.




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