RIG and TOAD are ready to go. Heading to Orlando!


That’s right, we have the Rig checked out and loaded.

That includes; food, clothes, shoes, linens, medications, a couple of bottles of wine, a six-pack of Beer,  etcetera.

The fridge is going to be running overnight, with the Ice-maker already dropping ice, and our first few days of fresh food loaded in the Fridge.

The gas tank is full, along with the Propane tank, and the holding tanks are empty.

We are ready!  

Oh, BTW, we are just going about 50-miles to Orlando. LOL!

But, boy we are ready. We have been very busy for the past few week, so we are running away, just for a change.

And, the weather is going to dump rain and winds onto us for three days, but, you know, we just don’t care. My wife has a stack of books to read, we have crossword puzzles to work, and our TV works so we will have all of the local channels via antenna to watch.  And I have an idea for a short story, I want to get written.

So, no boredom for us. Let it rain.

We hope to be in our site, and hooked up by 1 or 2 PM, so we are actually excited for the new scenery. And, we will be there for over a week, so I will probably put out an update, especially if anything (knock on wood) might happen to go wrong for us.

Wish us luck.


by Don Bobbitt, April, 2015

Copyright Don Bobbitt, 2015, All Rights Reserved.

This means you are free to enjoy this article and share it with your friends, but if you want to use it commercially, then you must get the authors permission in writing.


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