RV Connector to my TOAD, yet another cost.


Well, I’m venting a little bit here.

You see, I recently purchased a small car to be my new TOAD. And, it didn’t take long before the whole process of getting it modified for towing, to frustrate me.

First of all, I needed to have a baseplate and wiring harness installed to my TOAD, which by the way is a 2015 KIA SOUL.

With the parts deliveries and the scheduling for the installation, I waited almost two weeks for the installation to be performed. If you have any experience with CW then you understand. They are the biggest RV parts store, available across the US. But, they are a pain in the Butt when t comes to deliveries and installations. NUFF SAID, about them.

You see, I already had my old tow bar, as well as chains, and power cable, etcetera, so I assumed there would be no problems. CW even called me and asked if I wanted a “flat” or “round” connector on my new tow car.

Well, my old tow car (a Jeep) had a round connector and I remembered it was a 5-pin connector. They told me, if it was round it had to be either a 6-pin or 7-blade connector.

I was a little distracted at the time of the call because they had called me on my Cell phone while I was on the road, so I finally agreed it had to be the 6-pin connector and I had to be mistaken about it being a 5-pin connector.

Finally though, the task was done by CW and I got my TOAD home. The first thing I did, of course, was to pull out my old cable to check the fit, and guess what; It was, as I had said to CW, a round 5-pin connector.

Then I remembered, that over five years ago, I had written an article on my Blog, RV Towing Connectors, that displayed the wiring for all of the popular connectors used with RV Towing.

So,I looked at my article and yep, there was no 5-pin connector wiring listed as being standard. But, good old Camping World, back four years ago, had put a round 5-pin connector on my Jeep. Why? Well, to match the cable that came in my RV Towing Kit, I purchased from them, of course.

Me? I calmed myself down with a glass of wine and decided it wasn’t worth having a coronary over this and I moved on. You see, the cable in the kit worked, and I never knew that I had a non-standard cable connection system all those years. Thanks CW!

Today? Well, I’m waiting for the delivery of a new, round, 7-blade (female) to round 6-pin (female) cable (at $40-plus extra bucks, plus shipping). Oh, BTW, CW had one for $99, but I went onto Amazon and found a more reasonably priced cable.

What the heck, right. I had traveled and camped across the US twice without knowing I had a potential problem if my cable ever went bad.

The point here is; if you aren’t prepared with all of this kind of data when you go to a RV parts store, you can end up with problems. Be prepared.

by Don Bobbitt, 2015


Copyright, Don Bobbitt, February 3 2016, All Rights Reserved     You can enjoy and share this article with your friends, but if you want to use it commercially, then you must get the authors permission, in writing.



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