Use your Camper Steps to store your shoes.


One of those things that are an irritation to many of us campers is the pile of shoes that accumulate at your entrance to your camper.

Most RV’s have power steps these days and everyone is in and out of the camper all hours of the day and night. And with each trip we are putting on or taking off our shoes. So the pile of shoes builds as we camp longer, from; flip-flops, and tennis shoes to shower shoes.

A friend if mine came up with a neat way to store these shoes, outside while camping and still be convenient for use.

He noticed that his power steps had a couple of horizontal support rods at the back.

So, he got a piece of wire screen at the local hardware store, and used a few Zip-Ties to attach it to these rods. As you can see from the picture below, it makes for a great, out of the way, storage shelf for those extra shoes.

Try this yourself, its actually a simple little trick that saves you on campsite space.

Bamboo_01by Don Bobbitt, 2015

Copyright Don Bobbitt, February 3, 2016, All rights Reserved     Your are free to enjoy this article and share it with others, but if you wish to use it commercially then you you must have the written permission of the Author.



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