Windshield Curtains, Easy Close Tool


In the evening, and again the next morning, we RVers who have a Motorhome will want to close and open the inside privacy curtains at the windshield.

The problem is that typically the edge of the curtains, and those little short attached curtain rod-handles are out of your reach without your crawling into some uncomfortable positions to get the job done.

You can easily make yourself a tool to take care of this problem.

Go to your hardware store and get a 1-inch diameter wooden rod around 3-feet long, and then get a 3/4-inch to 1-inch  diameter Screw-In Eyelet. Screw Screw Eyethe eyelet into the end of the rod and you now have a great extension rod for closing your windshield curtains.

To use, simply hold the wooden tool and slip the eyelet up and onto the curtains rod-handle and pull the curtain to where you want it, open or closed.


by Don Bobbitt, 2015

Copyright, Don Bobbitt. 2015, All Rights Reserved.  The reader is welcome to read and enjoy this article and share it with friends, but if it is to be used for commercial purposed, written permission is required.


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