RV TIRES , A quick Check while on the Road


Your RV is a heavy vehicle and this weight puts a lot of stress on the Tires.

You probably already have a good quality Air Gauge for use on your RV tires when they are Cold, but an under-inflated tire will heat up and if the heat builds too high the tire can self-destruct.

I learned a quick trick from another Camper, years ago that I follow religiously. I rarely drive longer than two hours before I look for a Rest Stop or a Truck Stop where I can get out and walk around for at least five minutes.

This way, I get a good stretch, my legs get some fresh blood flowing in them and I feel more refreshed on the whole days drive.

One other thing I do when I get out of my Motorhome, is walk around and touch the top of the tires with my bare hand.

If each tire feels “cool to the touch”, then I am confident that my tire air pressure is is OK, which in turn tells me that I not only don’t have a leak, but I haven’t run over any nails or whatever on the road, that might have caused a slow air leak.


by Don Bobbitt,2015,Copyright Don Bobbitt, 2015, All Rights Reserved.

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  1. My Norcold refrig is not freezing or cooling properly. It’s cool but no very & won’t freeze even ice. Any suggestions? Out in sticks with no service provider for miles & miles. Thanks.. Marshia


    • Marsha- First of all, are your doors closing tightly and are the seals fitting well. An older RV Fridge must have a closed compartment for it to cool adequately.
      Second, move the stuff in your fridge and freezer around to allow adequate air to flow around the foods. Foods that do not get air flow might thaw out partially on you.
      Third, I assume you are operating on Propane and not 110-VAC, so remove the outside panel and then check the flame at the bottom of the stack and make sure your flame is the right color and stays constant.
      Fourth, Sometimes ash will drop down on your flame and cause problems, so lightly tap the stack above the flame. If ash drops down, turn off your gas and carefully clean the ash away before relighting the gas.
      Fifth, there will be a fan on the back of your fridge, (above the rear service door) It’s purpose is to draw air up and out thetop vents on hot days. Make sure you can hear it running.
      Finally, turn your fridge OFF for about 5-minutes and then turn it on and set the temperature control down to an average setting like 6. Then leave the doors closed and let it cycle and run overnight. Your fridge should be cold and your Freezer should be making ice by morning.
      If it still does not cool properly then you may have a bad control circuit board, but the most often problem is the Compressor assembly. These are not something you repair, in fact even replacing on of these can cost nearly as much as replacing your whole 2-way frige.
      Good Luck and let me know what happens.


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